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Why these M&A advisors are smiling (500% increased deal engagement)

There's a very good reason these M&A advisors are smiling, and it isn't the delicious tacos we had for lunch that day. Together, we used sell-side video tools to sell a manufacturing company with $7+ Million in adjusted EBITDA. The results were a 5x increase in deal engagement and the business sold for millions of dollars more than the owner anticipated.

"We had over 660 some-odd potential buyers that saw the teaser and the teaser video," said John Kaminski, who worked as director of One Accord Capital Advisors on the deal (John is also founder of 10zing Advisors). "We. had 65 sign the NDA to review the full CIM, and that's a huge response. Typically we would expect 2% considered good. Anybody in digital marketing says that is phenomenal. A 10% response rate is huge."

On this deal the investment bankers tried something different. They worked with Story on Purpose to create sell-side video content. The teaser video below accompanied their pdf teaser. Of the 65 potential buyers that signed the NDA, 25% of them put in term sheets.

Those engaged potential buyers received a traditional CIM accompanied by a 5-minute CIM video that showed a detailed visual layout of key equipment and facilities, highlighted the fact no one-customer makes up more than 10% of the business, and introduced a self-sufficient management team. This accelerated interest from the right buying groups and eliminated wasted site visits and management meetings from the wrong groups.

The strategic buyer, who the owner always expected to buy his company, put in an offer. But that initial offer was 50% less than a handful of others. The number of higher offers forced that buyer to drastically increase their offer.

The video production took two days onsite and maintained the confidentiality that the business was for sale. How? Story on Purpose also produced an effective marketing video for the business that they started using immediately with great results. The project was introduced to employees as a marketing video, which is accurate. It's also a valuable sales/marketing asset in the off-chance the business never sold.

When Story on Purpose engages to help sell a business, we work with the selling business owner and the M&A advisory team. We have experience in helping to sell businesses, so our team is educated and knowledgable on the deal side beyond the video production expertise.

"The Story on Purpose crew was wonderful because you helped us pull out the relevant pieces we would want to highlight," Kaminski said. "You know what you're looking for. You know the right questions to ask to get the right information out. Then you handled all the interviews, the video. Everybody felt comfortable with the process and usually people are a little bit nervous about getting on camera. They universally said 'okay, this was easier than I expected, it was fine.' The product that was produced was exceptional."

Tell your M&A stories with Story on Purpose to increase and accelerate interest from ideal buyers and eliminate wasted time with the wrong ones. Email to see if your next deal would be a good fit. See more sell-side video content here.



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