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Laura and Mike Herring founded Impact Group, which is now owned and run by their daughter Lauren. The family wanted future generations to understand the values and stories that shaped their Legacy. It was important to the family to convey what was behind the Impact Group Foundation, which is positioned to make a significant impact for generations to come. 


"I see this as Lauren wanting to say this is who we are, this is what we learned together, this is what we created together," Laura said. "The fact that she wanted to do that just filled my heart with joy. It's the younger generation who's going to want to tap into this project. It's going to be close to their heart and they need you to have those memories shared."


Visionary leaders, company founders and families work with Story on Purpose to craft compelling, high-quality films that communicate values, purpose, and mission while ensuring the enduring memory of the important people and stories that shaped their success.

Tell your story to inspire and empower future generations. Instill your values by sharing the good times and challenges that make up your legacy.


Help your organization or family steward resources well with storytelling that helps transfer key knowledge, values and a sense of purpose to the next generation, internal teams and new-hires.

Legacy Projects for families go far beyond honoring a loved one. Families work with Story on Purpose to identify the core values and key takeaways that they want to communicate through video storytelling in order to reach and have impact with specific audiences. 

They support the legacy of family foundations, charitable giving and the fundraising mission of the family's important charities.

Organizations use Legacy Films to support important business objectives.

Family businesses use the content as onboarding tools to communicate the family mission, vision, and values.

Organizations use Legacy Films to support the transfer of knowledge, values and business practices that are key to maintaining important partnerships and critical vendor relationships.

They are used to improve internal understanding, communication and alignment across the board of directors and executive teams.

And they are used to celebrate the life and work of founding family members responsible for creating the thriving legacy that supports the family, business and their way of life.



Video Production

Our award-winning video team's capabilities and expertise span all critical filmmaking roles necessary to produce high-quality, premium video productions.


From directors, scriptwriters, audio and lighting techs to styling, logistics and location support, we make it easy for you to tell your story.

Editing & Post-Production

Our team of editors, sound mixers and motion-graphics artists bring it all together to ensure your story is communicated in a highly-compelling, informative, engaging and easy-to-understand film that connects with your audience and ensures an enduring legacy.


At the end of the process, we provide you with high-quality files in the formats you need so that your story is instantly and easily shareable across your family and organization.

Messaging & Storyboard

Before we build a storyboard for your Legacy film, we work with you to understand your story, mission, purpose, values and beliefs as well as identify your business objectives, family objectives and key audiences.


We use this information to craft messaging that aligns with your important audiences, supports your key objectives and ensures you achieve your business and purpose-driven goals.

“We needed a way to ensure future generations and team members understand the sacrifices and lessons that brought us to where we are today. The Legacy Video created by Story On Purpose has had a profound impact furthering the mission of our family and our business.”




Visionary leaders grow their brands with Story On Purpose.

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