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When a sales tool is "priceless"

The word "priceless" came out of our customer's mouth recently when discussing a strategic video story. While it's a huge compliment, the journalist in me needed to know why!

Circular by Shapiro is looking to accelerate interest from CNC manufacturers who would be a great fit for their patented Fluid Recovery System.

Part of the challenge is that they're introducing a new product that customers aren't searching for because they're not even aware of the solution it provides.

We used our Instant Clarity framework to boil down how to tell the story of the Fluid Recovery System to the audience it can help.

The most effective way to tell any product story is through the mouth of someone it's helping. It needs to be authentic and not forced. We all can tell when someone is rehearsing a canned line.

Story on Purpose identified Orizon Aerostructures as a great case study. Our team communicated with the St. Louis plant's leadership and they graciously allowed us to come see the Fluid Recovery System at work.

Jack Schroeder, Orizon's Process Improvement Specialist, showed us the system at work. He gave us "soundbite gold" when he said the Fluid Recovery System is helping Orizon save its "liquid gold."

We had a series of strategic questions that led to a powerful story that speaks directly to CNC manufacturers.

This is the sales video tool that resulted. The Shapiro team has been using it to land and close deals.

"It takes two steps out of the Sales process," said Judy Ferraro, Shapiro's Marketing Director. "There isn't a sales tool I could buy that would be better than that video."



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