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Outside the Box Strategic Storytelling

This may seem like a simple video, but this is an example of outside the box strategic storytelling.

One of the benefits of being a morning news anchor was the opportunity to give air time to friends and people I knew doing big things!

While it was fun to do, strategic storytelling was at the root of it. I couldn't just put anything on air. This was a great example.

The military records holiday greetings and then makes them available to local tv stations where those service members are from. You've likely seen them on your local news.

I had been texting with my good friend, Brandon Dubuisson, who was on a deployment to the Middle East as a C-17 pilot. We were both "working" that Thanksgiving Day, so I told him to send me a cell phone video with him and another pilot who were stationed at JBLM in the Seattle area.

This was not the US Military sanctioned greeting, but it checked all the boxes for both the Military and for our local Seattle news coverage at KIRO 7.

Both Brandon and I knew that our bosses would be totally fine with us doing this "outside the box" collaboration.

And my co-anchor, Michelle Millman (a great strategic storyteller herself), was fully onboard.

That's what I love to do professionally. Think outside the box on how to use strategic storytelling to create win-win-win scenarios.



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