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Beware of Bogey Impact, Empty Impressions

A TV news coworker of mine was once celebrated for adding tens of thousands of facebook followers.

Our social media consultants touted the achievements to the corporate TV news big wigs. They used it as proof for their effectiveness in consulting.

That coworker of mine was very humble and very authentic. So much so, that coworker was quick to point out that almost all of the new followers were from another country and outside our target demographic. We were a local TV news station that made its money selling advertising to companies trying to reach people in key demographics in our region.

The thousands of followers who lived outside our area, let alone outside our continent, did nothing for our TV news station's strategic goals.

I recently saw a similar situation in business. Solar power company, EFS Energy, worked with Story on Purpose to get clarity and alignment on telling its authentic story to ideal residential homeowners.

Together we identified that EFS can best serve middle-income homeowners who are likely in their 40s or 50s with plans to own their home long-term. And we helped create content specifically targeted to that audience.

Meanwhile, a digital marketing company (who shall remain nameless), was touting results to EFS of a social media campaign with thousands of impressions. The problem was that many of those impressions were with 18-28 year olds who were not likely to own a home or benefit from what EFS Energy offers. EFS recognized the issue and promptly fired that company.

Beware of "bogey impact" or results that do little or nothing to further your strategic goals. I've heard a similar story from many business owners.

Would you rather have a thousand likes and impressions on social media from random people or 10 social media engagements from people who could directly benefit from your product or service and have capacity to buy?

Here's how you turbocharge your marketing, recruiting, and sales story. Get razor sharp on WHO you need to reach. Then reverse engineer the story to make them the hero, address their known challenges, and how you help them overcome the challenges to achieve their desired outcome.

Here are some of the Instant Clarity results from EFS Energy working with Story on Purpose:

Homeowners dealing with rising energy costs use EFS Energy's free solar feasibility analysis which helps determine the best custom solution for their home. These homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint, save on utility bills, gain long-term peace of mind and increase their property value through EFS Energy's customized solar solutions.



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