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A Story of Abundance Mindset

This is a story about two businesses and leaders I've seen collaborate beyond their core offerings. Both approach business with an abundance mindset and not a scarcity mindset.

CMA Global, a team of psychologists who help companies with complex people issues, trusts Matt Skarin and Skarin Insurance Brokers to handle its complex insurance needs.

Jami Wolfe, Managing Partner at CMA Global Inc, notes that the relationship goes far beyond insurance. Skarin Insurance Brokers' consultative approach and connections help CMA achieve its business objectives.

When I met both Jami and Matt two years ago they were already doing business together. At an ACG St. Louis event I overheard Matt asking Jami about her business and offering input and connections that had nothing to do with insurance. That's what I mean when I talk about helping customers beyond their core offering.

This is a fun, authentic story to tell because I've had a chance to work with both organizations through our Story on Purpose Instant Clarity process. In a 5-part online course or a half-day workshop we identify, clarify, and simplify how to best speak to ideal customers and partners.

Speaking directly to your target audience about their issues is the most effective way to get their attention and build trust. Both of these leaders and their businesses do this well.

When you listen to Jami's video below, you'll hear the Skarin Insurance Brokers story from the viewpoint of an ideal customer. That is the most effective way to tell your story! Make them the hero.

I used the outcome of that Instant Clarity from both organizations to create this post. It clearly speaks to both organization's ideal customers; CMA helps companies with complex people issues and Skarin helps companies with business objectives beyond handling their complex insurance needs.



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